UHV Technologies, Inc.
450 South Freeway, Fort Worth, TX 76104
817-820-1500 (Ph):: 817-820-1510 (Fax) :: 817-880-3880 (Cell)
6/98-to-date President
UHV Technologies, Inc., Mount Laurel, NJ 08054

Responsibilities include management and operation of government funded projects, cold cathode research, advanced materials and equipment development, various R&D programs, and new product development. Received 18 federal and state funded R&D grants for the development of various innovative technologies, mainly field emission cathodes and nano-materials. Also managed the development of fiber optic and other photonic components under Lightmatrix Technologies, Inc. (a spin-off of UHV Technologies). In addition, started International Delta Systems as a subsidiary of UHV Technologies, and increased its sales from zero to $6 million in 2001. Customers included Ford, Timex, GE, Dupont, Nortel and Corning.

1/00-to-3/02 President and Chief Operating Officer
LightMatrix Technologies, Inc., (spin-off from UHV Tech.)

Launched a spin-off company based on optical thin films and the invention of cylindrical hollow cathode magnetron for fiber optical coatings. Responsibilities include technical direction, marketing and day-to-day management of various projects on fiber optic component development. Raised $22 million through venture funding. Developed commercial products in the first year and increased revenue from zero to several million per year before leaving the Company.

6/1997-5/98 MTS/Consultant
Sarnoff Corporation, Princeton, NJ 08540

Responsibilities include Electrostatic Deposition of Pharmaceutical drugs for tablet making and inhalers, Plasma Displays, Field Emission Display and other programs, and new project development.

4/96-5/97 Director of R&D, Technology and IP
SI Diamond Technology, Inc., Austin, TX 78727

Responsibilities include technical direction of SIDT’s Diamond Field Emission Display (FED) and other programs, development of Internal R&D projects, and new product development.
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