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1993- 4/96 Director of Technology and Intellectual Property
SI Diamond Technology, Inc., Austin, TX 78727

Initiated and led the diamond field emission display (DFED) research and development effort. Leading a team of more than 50 scientists and engineers as the principal investigator of a $7.3 million project to develop a portable laptop computer display screen. Also, responsible for forecasting, planning and overseeing the technology and product development through out the company and its subsidiaries. In addition, helped the management team take SIDT public and raise $40 million for DFED technology development. Currently, this technology is licensed to Canon (a non-exclusive license was granted in 2000 for $5 million) and a consortium of several Japanese companies, developing and selling products based on this technology.

1992-93 Manager, Materials Research and Development Group
Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corp., Austin

Responsible for thin film R&D in advanced electronic packaging and flat panel displays. Major accomplishments included invention, development and licensing (to SI Diamond Technology, Inc.) of the DFED technology, development of direct write liquid metal ion source technology for repair of high density interconnect substrates and development of alternate methods for MCM substrate fabrication.

1991-92 Senior Member of Technical Staff, HVE Program
Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corp., Austin

Project leader for the Enabling Technologies Project, a $2.75M per year R&D effort at MCC. Supervised the development of advanced polymers, various direct metal write technologies, and large area die attach materials. Initiated the effort on diamond thin films for both electronic packaging and flat panel display applications which led to the invention of low work function nano-crystalline diamond technology. 
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