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1989-1990 Member of Technical Staff, HTS Program
Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corp., Austin

Responsible for the materials and device development required by various projects in the MCC superconductivity program. Major accomplishments during this thin film research included invention of a new superconducting wire fabrication process, in-situ deposition of high transition temperature superconductor thin films by evaporation and sputtering, thin oxide films for tunnel barriers, deposition of niobium and RF bias sputtered silicon oxide for Nb/SiO2 multi-layer substrates.

1988-1990 Member of Technical Staff, PI Program
Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corp., Austin

Responsible for the electronic materials processing technology in the copper polyimide multi-chip module development. Achievements included medium film copper deposition by evaporation, intrinsic stress control in copper, copper orientation control for an-isotropic etching, and adhesion promotion using ion-enhanced deposition.

1985-1988 Research Associate, ECE Department
Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA

Responsible for development of Thin Film and Ion Beam Laboratory, development of various thin film processes, and overseeing five graduate students' research. Major accomplishments included development of a titanium nitride thin film barrier technology for silicon on sapphire integrated circuits that went into production at RCA, and later into production at almost all semiconductor plants throughout the world. 
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