Low Cost High Throughput In-Line XRF Scrap Metal Sorter

Objective: Demonstrate IL-XRF technology for commercial scale aluminum scrap sorting

Approach: Three interrelated concepts to meet high throughput at low cost

  • Innovative low cost x-ray optics and silicon detector arrays
  • An innovative linear x-ray tube for parallel elemental composition measurement on a fast moving conveyor belt
  • Intelligent software to correlate the XRF data with optical iaes to construct an unique elemental composition signature for each piece.

Technology and Commercial Impact

Current Technology: Manual sorting with handheld XRF units in low labor cost countris

UHV Technology: Automated, in-line, high throughput sorting

Commercial Impact on North American Market:

  • About 30 lines can recycle most of US Zorba
  • Reduce 2,000,000 tons of alloy export
  • Potentially $120M per year scrap sorting business
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