Low Cost X-Ray CT System For In-situ Imaging Of Plant Roots

Technology Summary

  • Stationary CT System using UHV's Innovative Linear X-ray Tube
  • 2D, 2.5D, and 3D Imaging of Roots In The Field Without Any Need of Heavy Moving Gantries
  • 10 Micron Resolution Achievable With Advanced Image Reconstruction Algorithms, and Neural Network Deep Learning
  • High Resolution Imaging Enables Root Phenotyping

Technology Impact

  • Will Increase the Speed and Efficacy of Discover, Field Translation, & Deployment of Improved Crops
  • Will Improve Understanding of How Environmental Conditions and Phenotypic Variations Contribute to Carbon Deposition
Each source captures a unique image projection of the roots
Innovative linear x-ray tube with multiple individually addressable sources enables a field deployable CT cart
Proposed Targets
The LXRT can be used in existing rhizotron tubes for (i) 2D imaging (ii) 2.5D imaging )iii) 3D imaging
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