UHV Technologies, Inc. Wins SBIR Phase I grant from US Department of Homeland Security for Development of Innovative Electrostatic Energy Projectile Technology for non-lethal law enforcement
Fort Worth, Texas (June 3, 2005)

In this SBIR Phase I project, UHV Technologies, Inc. will demonstrate the feasibility of an innovative electrostatic projectile technology that will enable development of non-lethal untethered electro-muscular disruptor devices. These low cost projectiles will be potentially used with a grenade launcher or a shotgun, commonly used by a law enforcement personnel. During the Phase I, a prototype setup will be built to evaluate the salient features of this technology and the potential range of these projectiles will be calculated. The applicability of this technology to individuals, groups, crowds and machinery will be evaluated. In addition, environmental effects and collateral effects will also be investigated. In a follow-on Phase II project, UHV Technologies, Inc. will design, build and test two prototype devices in two public safety scenarios.
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